No Interaction

Dec. 2020, AR Interactive Media Art, by JU Ran  

Supervisor: Maurice Benayoun, Alvaro Cassinelli, Christian Sandro 



从《无互动》中可以看出,真实环境的“枯山水”总是体现出孤独的美。同时,也有一种对立和对比的感觉 — 即肉眼看到的真实环境是平静而美丽的孤独,但在AR设备下却变成了黑暗而压抑的孤独,所以虽然看起来很好,但都是一种错觉。


1. 坐着的男人--麻木和被动

2. 与其他人保持距离的女人--逃避和沉重

3. 溺水求救的手--绝望和窒息

4. 漂浮的婴儿--自闭症和虚无感


Artist's statement:

No Interaction is an interactive artwork about conflict and destruction.

The real landscape of a dry land always reflects the beauty of loneliness, as seen in No Interaction. At the same time, there is also a sense of opposition and contrast - that is, the naked eye can see the real environment is calm and beautiful loneliness, but with AR equipment it becomes dark and depressed loneliness, so while it looks good, it is all a illusion.

No Interaction expresses people's inner feelings with neurotic movements. For example:

1. The sitting man - numb and passive

2. The woman who keeps her distance from the other people – escape and heavy

3. Drowning hand for help - despair and suffocation

4. Floating baby – autism and nihility

While at the same time, the physical environment of AR must be set up and debugged, and the real world illustrated by AR should match with the virtual image. Aspects of augmented reality are like Yin and Yang. My understanding of AR is like day and night, man and woman, positive and negative. In total, they form an oppositional and complementary relationship. Through their cooperation in the imagination space of art and design, they can express appearance and essence, reality and illusion, camouflage and truth.