Garden Hong Kong @ Osage是由Ann Mak策划的艺术展览。由奥沙画廊主办的 "银河系葡萄酒分享会 "的记录;以及 "云端的艺术 "在线展览,来自世界各地的29位媒体艺术家被邀请提供他们的艺术作品的视频,以回应对艺术如何与在线一致的询问。


Ars Electronica Festival是42年前在奥地利林茨创建的第一个媒体艺术节,于2020年9月将其集中模式转变为网络形式,以规避正在发生的大流行病所带来的限制。


@ Osage Gallery  
Chaired by Maurice Benayoun  
Sponsored by Osage Art Foundation 

Garden Hong Kong @ Osage is a conclusion of Ars Electronica Festival 2021 – Garden Hong Kong, an art exhibition curated by Ann Mak, showcasing the highlights of the Garden. A documentation of the “Galactic Wine Sharing Party” hosted by Osage Gallery; as well as “Art in the Cloud” the online exhibition of 29 media artists from different parts of the World who are invited to each contribute a video of their artwork that responds to the inquiry on how art can be in line with the online.

About Garden Hong Kong

Ars Electronica Festival, the first media art festival ever created 42 years ago in Linz, Austria, shifted its centralised model to a networked format in September 2020 as means to circumnavigate the limitations imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

The connection between the School of Creative Media and the Ars Electronica Festival is strengthened by history, with the school counting no less than 4 Awardees among its faculty: Jeffrey Shaw, Golden Nica for Visionary Pioneer award in 2018; Tamás Pal Waliczky, Golden Nica in 1989; Maurice Benayoun, Golden Nica in Interactive Art 1998, A Distinction in 1994, and 2 Honorary mentions in 1994-1995; and Max Hattler receiving an Honorary Mention in 2020.

202009 HK Gardens Planetary wine party installation(图1)

202009 HK Gardens Planetary wine party installation(图2)

202009 HK Gardens Planetary wine party installation(图3)

202009 HK Gardens Planetary wine party installation(图4)

202009 HK Gardens Planetary wine party installation(图5)

202009 HK Gardens Planetary wine party installation(图6)